UPDATE (12/12):  


See our new video for the song It's Christmas, Carol (from the EP You Will Go to the Moon), below!


Next up for us is a December 13 show at iconic Minneapolis West Bank dive bar, Palmer's, which was named by Esquire Magazine as one of their 2014 Top Bars in America. We'll be playing with bands Grammar and Calamity and the Owl, and we go on at 9:30 pm. More details will become clear as the date gets closer, but I'm pretty sure we'll infuse our set with some Christmas-y goodness.


The You Will Go to the Moon EP is available! You can buy CD from us directly - at any show or otherwise. If you're out of town, however, or don't expect to see us in person any time soon, you can order the CD direct from CD Baby (see link, below). They do take a cut, though - so if you have a chance to buy from us directly, that'd be great.

Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners: You Will Go to the Moon