UPDATE (2/24):  

It's always a magical night at the Acadia!! We recently had another wonderful show there, and wish to thank all the awesome literati (e.g. our fans) who showed up, showed support, and hob-nobbed with us before & after the show. You're the reason we can keep doing what we're doing!

We're in the process of getting a few more dates on the calendar - stay tuned. But in the meantime, roam about and check out some of the recent updates to the site, including new performance photos, all our official music videos, and streaming songs from all the songs off our past two EPs. And of course, if you haven't signed up on our email list (and gotten your free mp3), please do so, below!

ALSO - I'm looking to get a couple additional house concerts going. Contact me if you live in the Midwest and would be interested in hosting one of these one-of-a-kind events; among the most personally meaningful shows that I play. For more information about these amazing artist-listener experiences, read this wonderful article by house concert guru Shannon Curtis.