UPDATE (9/11):  


In full disclosure, things have been a bit slow on the "band business" front, as tremendously busy summer has transitioned into an even busier fall, from a personal, non-music standpoint. Frankly, I've not had the time to devote to putting together the sorts of shows that will meet the growing expectations of our fans to give them a truly memorable experience. In good news, however, I have written three new songs that will almost certainly be on the followup CD to You Will Go to the Moon. And we will perform them the next time we play live as a band. Soon, soon!

In the meantime, I am very grateful to local rising star performer/promoter Simon Calder for bringing me on board for his Xtraav 8 mini-music fest at Honey Minneapolis. I'll be in a lineup of fourteen local songwriters, including such notable names as Teague Alexy and Dan Israel, on Thursday, September 25. All this wonderfulness for a mere $5 cover. I go onstage at 9:30.


The You Will Go to the Moon EP is available! You can buy CD from us directly - at any show or otherwise. If you're out of town, however, or don't expect to see us in person any time soon, you can order the CD direct from CD Baby (see link, below). They do take a cut, though - so if you have a chance to buy from us directly, that'd be great.

Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners: You Will Go to the Moon


ALSO - check out our new music video for You Will Never Be Alone, which caught the attention of Minnesota Public Radio's Andrea Swennsson!